I use a NS Design CR5 Omni Bass Fretted which use to be called the BassCello.  Its a very versatile and can be played with the bow or with the fingers (Pizz).

As the bass has 5 strings you can set it up B-G or E-C.  I have mine set up E-C and find it very useful to have access to a higher range of notes.  The Omni Bass is a 34″ scale instrument featuring a solid body with Polar / EMG pickups along with an 18v. preamp.  The bass has a curved fingerboard to facilitate bowing along with 28 frets ensuring intonation accuracy throughout the neck.  If you are an electric bass player the curved fingerboard does take some getting use to. If you play double bass then the fingerboard will feel natural. The preamp offers you many sonic options ranging from the traditional upright tone to more modern electric sounds. It comes with the unique Boomerang Strap System so you can wear the bass while playing.  It also comes with a padded gig bag.  Enjoy this bass – I know I do!!

Purchase the amazing Omni Bass now – NS Design CR5 BassCello Fretted

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NS Design CR5 Electric Fretless 5-String Omni Bass

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Photos of my 5 string fretted Omni Bass:

NS Design CR5 Omni Bass BassCello FrettedNS Design CR5 BassCello Fretted - curved fingerboard

Video of the fretted NS Omni Bass from YouTube:

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