Palatino Electric Upright Bass, Black Finish VE-500

The Palatino Electric Upright Bass has a chambered body of select spruce and a black finish. The adjustable maple bridge rests on the Piezo transducer pickup, giving it a range of volume and a pleasant tone.

The Palatino VE-500 has a lovely sound, and looks great and is easy to get around with.   The body is designed so that it is really easy to play either in the traditional standing position, or while sitting.   It includes a built-in Piezo transducer pickup, with tone and volume controls, for a true double bass sound, with lots of options for a more modern sound.

Palatino Electric Upright Bass includes a Solid Spruce Top, Maple Back & Sides, Ebony Fingerboard, Piezo Transducer, Pickup Active Tone & Volume Controls, Headphone Jack, Maple Bridge, Black Finish, Combination Leather/Plastic Bag with Backpack Straps.

Get your Palatino EUB a truly excellent price – Palatino Electric Upright Bass, Black Finish

Customer comment: “Let’s just say that at the end of the night, I almost hate to put it down.”

Palatino VE-500 Electric Upright Basses


  1. I’ve look at 50+ sites but nobody gives the dimensions of the instrument. How long is it? Does it breakdown for travel? Is it like checking skis at the airport? I did not buy because I don’t have that info. Just coppying the manufacturer’s blurb about sweet sound,ect. (which most sites do), nobody takes the time to give specifications other than wood, scale, etc. Get down to the nitty gritty! What kind of strings, etc.


    • Scale length: 40-3/4″ Thats the nut to bridge measurement.

      No it doesn’t break down for travel – I’m assuming you mean the neck and body. As with other basses the endpin does retract.

      As far as the wood is concerned it is a spruce top, maple on the sides and back.

      Yes it will be like checking skis at the airport. You will need a more substantial case to travel with the bass.

      I’m not sure what type of strings come with the bass…though a setup and new strings are always recommended with a new bass to get the sound you are looking for.

      I hope this helps!!


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